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About Us

Founded by Tayma Tameem, Charlii encompasses a team of writers and software developers who not only understand the writing process but the difficulties authors experience along the way. From managing the intricacies of plot points and story arcs to creating schedules and hitting deadlines, writing can be a complex and often bewildering journey in which it’s easy to get lost.

We designed features specifically for authors.​

Brainstorming is a superb technique for planning your novel. It can reduce stress and anxiety by allowing creative ideas to flow freely.

I’ll make sure to remind you to complete every step of your project, every step of the way. Whether it’s a to-do list, or pop-up format.

Struggling to fill gaps or resolve plotlines? I’ll help you coordinate your thoughts, story arcs, and character development—whether it’s for one book or an entire series.

I’ll help you break your project down into manageable pieces, so you can clearly see where you are. There’s nothing more satisfying then getting items ticked off your project list!

If you’re working alongside other people—proofreaders, graphic artists, and editors, for example, I’ll make sure you all stay coordinated, with shared tasks and easy workflow management.

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Who is charlli?

We made the ultimate project management tool designed for authors.​

In a bid to help writers stay on top of their projects, we’ve developed a multi-functional app designed to make the process easier, more manageable, and more productive. If you’re one of the lucky writers who can produce endless pages of first-rate prose before your first cup of coffee then congratulations, you’re in the minority. For the rest of us, Charlii has been created to serve as a story consultant, plot advisor, and project manager all in one.


Given the technology of the digital age, there have to be better ways to visualize story structure than by pinning cards to a board — better ways to manage ideas than keeping scraps of paper and notebooks littered around your apartment. As a digital project manager and writing assistant, Charlii solves these issues and much more.


With Charlii’s timeline feature allowing you to analyze chronology, plot points, and story arcs in an insightful and intuitive way, the app brings new clarity and efficiency to the story structuring process. Incorporating outline tools, time management tools, and even a Brainstorming feature that allows you to note down or record ideas for future use, the app does everything short of writing the finished draft for you. That we will leave to you. For everything else, you can rely on Charlii.

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Sometimes, we all need a helping hand to stay on track. I can help you set deadlines, meet goals, and achieve your dreams as an author. No matter how complex your project is, or how you prefer to work, I’m here for you until it’s complete.

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